Anna Chamsaz, PhD


Dr. Chamsaz utilizes her background in managing multimillion-dollar government projects to oversee and command the overall company’s performance. Her knowledge and experience in advanced construction materials and technologies also keep the company on the edge of current science and engineering practice

Ethan Shajie, PhD, MBA

Business Strategist

Dr. Shajie has an advanced degree in Civil Engineering. He ensures organization sustainability and growth. Ethan’s unique background in both management and construction help us to successfully manage projects both financially and technically. He believes high quality customer service is the best strategy in business.


David Yadidsian

Architect – Senior Project Manager (commercial)

David has been actively engaged in architecture since 1969. He has been licensed in the practice of architecture in Ohio for over 40 years. Our award winning architect utilizes his great deal of experience to add character to his architectural design.

Fred E. Hostetler

Commercial Superintendent

Fred has extensive experience in heavy construction from start to finish. No matter how big your project is, Fred makes sure nothing goes wrong under his watch.


Robin Collins, CTA

Sales & Marketing Manager

Robin has 17 years of sales, marketing and business strategy experience within large convention hotels for both Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels Corporation. With authentic hospitality at the core of everything she does, Robin will help you to realize a victorious real estate development by uncovering new business opportunities and designing a winning marketing plan.

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